My name is Gerardo and I am a songwriter / artist and filmmaker. I also run Monteverde Film which offers everything that has to do with filmmaking (pre-production, film production, post-production, marketing and distribution).
My way of working is straightforward, genuine and focused on emotions. The video market is different than before, the range is huge and the user chooses what and when they want to listen and watch something. Monteverde Film can give you support to reach your full potential in the market.
Everyone needs to show their true selves, how special and unique what we do is and we believe that no make-up can compensate for that. We look to passion and interest above all else. Our first questions are what is important to you, what do you want to achieve and why?


I collaborate with Stockholms Groove which is an organisation that supports unsigned artists. Together we help them get their music out and highlight their talent. The genius of the artists is the core of our vision.


The work includes recording planning, recording management and editing of live performances, interviews and music videos. Thanks to Eric Haney (Stockholm’s Groove leader), I have become more and more inspired by film production. A big thank you to Anissa Rose (Stockholm’s Groove leader) and Mattias Nylander (mixing and sound production at Stockholm’s Groove), you learn from them all the time!